Pr Group of Companies

PR Group of Companies consists of PR Filmszerviz Kft., and PR Creative Filmszerviz Kft., associating with specialized Aqua-Film Kft . Considering the predecessors in title, the PR Group of Companies has been rendering high quality services to it’s clients since 1994. In the past two decades the Group, respectively it’s management articipated at works of several international and Hungarian TV series, TV films, short films, commercial spots, documentaries, educational videos, music videos, shows,
furthermore mass-events at public spaces and events of sports and civil life, just as at great international movie productions and Hungarian movies.

PR Location team

Our well-mannered and educated  colleagues of local security are all professionally skilled, many of them graduated at vocational schools of law enforcement and/or possess security licences; our technical co-workers possess vocational education and naturally high-quality professional experience. Furthermore all of our colleagues acquired professional routine at the area of movie-making, which makes cooperation with productions and the divisions thereof considerably easier.

Our colleagues of local security possess professional routine of several years at location coordination. They conduct the procedures of the production by continuously observing the needs there of, by high flexibility. Each colleague copes perfectly with situations of conflicts and crisis.

Upon request they specialize for stagesecurity, traffic control, set-closing, emptying, and eventually for personal security or special tasks.

In compliance with the needs of the production we carry out – besides the classical local security tasks – guarding of various other objects, studios, stages, warehouses, office sections.

We manage the complete processes of permission procedures connected to events and shootings (e.g. using of public areas, traffic-technique, entry permits, environmental and other authority permissions).

Furthermore we undertake police guarding of entire productions, carrying out of permission works, granting of police vehicles, renting of police uniforms and equipment for movies and theatrical productions.

PR Filmszerviz Ltd.

PR Filmszerviz Kft. is specialised basically in so-called unit technical and base camp services.

We undertake implementation and operation of comprehensive background, upon request by developing the temporary road leading to site, furthermore by the
implementation and operation of complete energy-, communal- and communication network. After leaving the site we return the location to the provider after reconstruction of the original conditions thereof. Naturally we manage the permission procedures of all the above in frame of our complex services.

At the outdoor location works the productions may make great use of our traffic conduction and traffic authorisation division, which – beyond the versatile and
fast management of police, traffic-technical, public area using and entry permits – carries out acquisition of other authority and public suppliers’ authorisations.

We also carry out the escorting of convoys, oversized and special transports (autofahrt) by motorcycles or cars (BMW type,furnished with warning signal), with our
own equipment and vehicle-assortment.

Beyond the above we undertake to carry out the fire-protection assessment of objects, stages and sets, management of permissionacquisition; granting of on-site duties
(starting from fire-fighter stand-by until the on-site duties of priority fire-fighter unit, furnished with fire-truck professional examination).

In course of our human related services, upon request, we provide cleaning duties (with equipment and material), colleagues carrying out material handling and weight
loading tasks by manpower, and workforce dealing with public area cleaning and landscaping (e.g. weeding, forming of parking lots). Such services include the transportation of the waste, just as it’s placement in compliance with the authority prescriptions.

The scope of our base camp services covers implementation of tents in various sizes and equipment level (upon request: flooring,bench-sets, lighting, cooling-heating,
makeup mirrors, etc.), and e. g. the installedor mobil electricity generators.

For on-site communication we offer URH radios (MOTOROLA), in requested amount; for inter-location communication we offer mobile satellite Internet option, by the
implementation of local wireless system.

For shooting we provide on air signer, megaphones, furthermore unit cars equipped as requested with the equipment and instruments described by theproduction, so that the professional operators may carry out their works at site fast ad in high quality.

PR Creative Filmszerviz Ltd.

Our traffic-technical department – by using its own facilities – amends the traffic order within a short reaction period, in accordance with the traffic-technical plan endorsed by the authorities or with the prescriptions  of the traffic authorities.

Naturally we undertake the management of traffic-technical planning and acquisition of permissions, in case required.

PR Group considers at high priority that its services be rendered as flexible as possible within the frames of the authority prescriptions. Among others that is how we grant most
 reliable conditions for our clients.

For events and shootings we offer motor caravans (with drivers and operator).

Our colleagues deliver and install the  vehicles at site in the amount and equipped as requested. During the utilization our operator continuously controls, keeps clean, fills and
maintains such vehicles. In case the location changes, upon request of the  client, our colleagues re-install the caravans to the new location in out-of- work periods.

Aqua-Film Ltd.

Aqua-Film Kft. is specialized expressively to water-supply and connected water-services, watering and transporting of drinking water. Our vehicle-assortment consists of 2-8 m3 tankers suitable for transportation of drinking water, which are continuously inspected, furthermore of 1 m3 mobile water-supply vessels specifically formed for such purpose.
The tankers are suitable for watering, and feeding of special, high-pressure water system (rain machines, etc.). Filling of tankers becomes possible based on an agreement concluded
with the local water-supplier with  either drinking water, or with quality-inspected thermal water. Filling from other water sources is not possible.

We do not undertake transportation of material other than drinking water.

We undertake implementation and on-site operation of mobile or installed water-supply systems.